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our philosophy

We believe that fast swimming is possible through form & fitness: comprehensive stroke technique, perfecting drills & pushing the legs & lungs.  Persistence & consistence, attitude & effort are the hallmarks of WILL & KAROL's athletes. We love beginners & "world-beaters", alike!

what we offer

​​WILL & KAROL have been coaching together for almost 25 years. Their collaboration has produced several Olympic Trial competitors and National qualifiers / record-holders, as well as collegiate champions & scholarship swimmers. They have taken non-swimmers and those with great trepidation to dizzying heights, which for some might be just being able to swim laps, and for others, to completing an Ironman! Their athletes dominate the open water & triathlon scene.

Will scandalis

THE GREAT MOTIVATOR Personalizes drills and utilizes creative training protocols to help each student reach their potential. 


Founded in 1987, SPARTACUS TRAINING & RACING has developed a program for every level of swimming, triathlon and fitness.   By learning and practicing skills and drills, you will become comfortable, confident and stronger in the water and feel healthy and fit out of the water.  We have developed world-class athletes who have competed at the highest levels of swimming, triathlon and tennis.  At our club, we have a program for you and will help you achieve your fitness and competition goals.

our Club

Spartacus Training & Racing​     


  • Private swimming lessons for adults, triathletes, and competitive swimmers

  • Masters and Swim clinics, swim meets, triathlon racing and relays

  • Strength & Fitness Training for athletes

our founders


One of the best  teachers of swim technique in the world, with a great eye and a master at improving kick and hypoxic abilities. The Cheetah effect is his discovery.

Our coaches