"I have told many of you how important off court training is to develop an athlete's game. Not only does it increase fast muscle fiber, reaction time, power and overall strength, but making it through tennis specific training routines builds the most important on court qualities - toughness, a will to never quit and confidence. Will was my trainer when I was competing.  He is the best trainer I have ever worked with. [My tennis players] work with Will three times a week and they owe much of their on court success to their work with Will off the court. Give it a shot. You won't regret it."

~ Trent M.

"Will coached me through individual private lessons and master swimming with tremendous results. I improved my Ironman 2.4 mile swim by 37 minutes in under a year. He also improved my efficiency in the water which greatly improved my cycle time in my triathlons from 15 MPH to almost 17 MPH. His results are phenomenal and his style is friendly with lots of enthusiasm and encouragement."

~ Rebecca B.

"I can't recommend Coach Will highly enough! I was recommended to him by a friend who knew that I wanted to get into triathlons, but didn't know how to swim. He has taken a guy who could barely swim the length of a pool without exhaustion, to a guy who competes in Ironman races. If you are looking to learn to swim or learn to swim faster, Spartacus Training & Racing is for you!"​

~ Jeff J.


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OUR mission

SWIMMING PROFICIENCY: Through our swim lessons, clinics and Masters coaching, we will prepare you for open water swimming, swim team, water-polo team, swim meets or triathlons! We thrive in helping our clients not only realize their goals but also excel in their efforts. Our athletes are of all ages and abilities, from beginners to world-champions. We endorse the Adult Learn To Swim Program. 

STRENGTH & FITNESS:  With our fitness program, you will improve your health, strength and endurance. We work with weights, medicine ball, stationary bikes, slide boards, battle ropes and power plate.  We also focus on speed and agility for those athletes competing in tennis, swimming and triathlons. 

Spartacus Training & Racing​     

 swimming and Strength training for athletes